BT Open Doors to Centre of Excellence

We are currently recruiting Customer Service Advisers (Full & Part-Time) on behalf BT, as they open the doors to a new, world class Contact Centre in Accrington.

We are inviting individuals with previous customer service or sales experience to attend a Recruitment Open Day on Friday 16th November. This is an excellent opportunity to tour their superbly designed facility at The Globe Centre, find out more about the role and, most importantly, undertake an initial assessment for these highly sought after roles. We will be running sessions in the morning (10.30am), afternoon (2.30pm) and early evening (5.30pm), each lasting approximately 1 – 1.5 hours.

If you would like the opportunity to be involved in this exciting new Centre, call Nicki Brace on 01905 746520 or email a copy of your CV to


BT has created something very special at their new Contact Centre in Accrington.

We have now been working with the Communications and Media giant for three months to recruit for their newly revamped site at the Globe Centre, where they are looking to build customer service centre of excellence. After much investment, imaginative design input and a desire to create an enviable working environment, the new site opened its high tech, sliding doors last week. The working environment is airy, spacious and light, with well planned break out and leisure areas (equipped with BT Vision and gaming), as well as a welcoming and well stocked “bistro”.

I am also pleased to report that recruitment is progressing to plan. A highly motivated group of Front Line Mangers have been waiting to welcome the first recruits (for whom they have been given direct responsibility for recruiting) in to training – their time has come. The five week, world class training programmes are packed with new Advisers eager to put the promises of a customer service excellence in to action.

The atmosphere at this site is going to be a very special – with a management team committed to making the most of a first class working environment, industry leading training and team of Advisors selected for their customer service skills and desire to offer BT customers the best possible contact experience.

BT have created something special in Accrington, and at a sister site in West Bromwich, that local people want to be part of. Our work at Talent Match is not finished, as we are now looking for the right calibre of individuals to join training programmes into the New Year. If you would like to find out more about becoming an Adviser, go to

We’ve been thinking about the Euro’s, and have drawn many similarities between the Championship and our recruitment process…

We begin with the qualifying rounds – 51 nations all competing against each other to win the 14 remaining places beside co-hosts Poland and the Ukraine.  For us, this is our candidates, all with differing technical skills and talents, sending in their applications with the goal of securing a place in the next stage. We filter by examining experience and raw ability, just as the teams are all closely tested before the final stages of the competition. With, on average, in excess of 150 candidates per campaign and an initial  shortlist delivery within 4 days of starting the campaign, we deal with greater volume and vastly reduced timescale.

Next comes the Group stage of the Finals -16 teams playing against each other in order to make it through to the knockout stage.  Our candidates are similarly put through their paces, under closer examination, in the form of a telephone assessment.  We are truly in the nitty gritty phase of team selection at this stage, looking for those who will have the pre-requisite skills as well as the ability to turn in a match winning performance  – just as a manager would sort through the skills of his team in order to get the best possible results.

We move on to the knockout rounds, where the Winners and Runners up of the group stages compete through the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and THE Final. Think of this as the main interview, where our clients consider the candidates skills in more detail in order to decide who ultimately wins the prize of the job offer.  Unlike the football, we will have cut out any dribblers, show boaters and non-team players already, eventually deciding which applicant will perform for our client.

The Euro victors are awarded the Henri Delaunay Trophy. This is similar to the successful candidate being hired, they are accepted for the position, receive their ‘trophy’ in the form of a contract and start their new job.

Of course, there are always unpredictable elements to the Euro’s – as there are in recruitment. There will always be injuries and drop out’s in the championship. Just like a good manager, we are always prepared for these.

There is always a challenge in keeping Player’s engaged and committed during the championship, and we also face this issue with our candidates. We maintain regular contact with our applicants in order to ensure that they are still interested in the position, and that they stay engaged and interested throughout the recruitment process.

Unlike the European Championships, Talent Match doesn’t pack up for a couple of years until the qualifiers start anew. A combination of individual recruitment campaigns and on-going projects mean that we a constantly seeking new talent our Contact Centre clients.

Find out more at or call us on 0845 901 1905.

When we decided to call the business Talent Match, we knew that we were always leaving ourselves open to being mistaken for a dating agency! To date, we have only had one misplaced enquiry, from Mike, aged 42, from Peterborough, seeking a bubbly blonde with GSoH for fun and friendship – must be willing to pay own way.

Whilst many of us grew up in the Blind Date era, Take Me Out is now the Saturday evening, prime time, dating phenomenon.  Some of those girls are on the programme for weeks, just waiting for Mr Right to come down in the elevator. Whilst they get to make the  initial choices as to whether they are interested, when presenter Paddy McGuiness says “The power is yours”, the empasis shifts in favour of the chap – who has usually spent most of his disposable income on fake tan and teeth whitening.  Not so different to recruitment after all – not the fake tan bit -with the recruitingcompany laying itself open to the market, hoping to secure intial interest from candidates; they then seize back control at interview stage, when it is up to the candidate to impress.

Unlike the ladies on Take Me Out, good candidates seeking roles within the contact centre industry rarely hang around for weeks waiting to be matched up. We operate in a fast paced market, in which there is a lot of competition for talent. Timing is everything and, whilst we wouldn’t advocate a speed dating approach to selection, the process does need to be timely, efficient, appropriate and managed in a way that keeps the candidate engaged.

We are working more and more with our clients on candidate engagement throughout the interview process and, whilst we are unable to provide prime time TV exposure or a date on the Island of Fernandos, we have developed some interesting techniques around candidate contact/communication and client recruitment branding.

Just as a starter consider the following:

  • Is our business/brand recognised locally and why?
  • How could you enhance your recruitment brand?
  • What does your recruitment process look and feel to candidates?
  • Do you leave ALL candidates, whether successful or unsuccessful with a positive impression?
  • Does your social media strategy support your recruitment process?

The gentlemen in Take Me Out will, typically, either have their friends and family extolling their virtues or be expected to perform their party trick, to keep the 30 or so candidates for a date interested.  As a business recruiting in a competitive market, you are likely to rely on a third party to help promote your recruitment brand and be expected to demonstrate what your business can offer above and beyond your near neighbours.

If you would like to speak to us about how we can help to build your engagement strategy, respresent you in the market or maybe even teach you to play the trombone or juggle footballs, please get in touch.

Instead of sending out the obligatory Christmas card this year, we decided to do something a little different. We teamed up with our colleagues over at Cactus Search to create an online charity Christmas card. Take a look at the about us section of our website to see a rather fetching photo of the whole team wearing Santa hats

For every candidate, client or supplier who signs there name below the online card, we’ll be making a donation on behalf of each of you to the charity of your choice. These include Help for Heroes, Shelter, Cancer Research, Alzheimer’s Research and Acorns Children’s Hospice.

On top of this, we also had the excuse to dress up for the day in an array of suitably ridiculous outfits!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Talent Match!

“December is a short month” – At 31 days, it’s actually one of the longest. With the way Christmas falls this year, however, most would agree that we probably only have 15 (or maybe 16) working days to get any real business conducted. Throw in a few Christmas parties (the fallout and recovery days), employees taking annual leave to do a bit of shopping and a general feeling of seasonal chilling out AND it really is a very short month.

At the same time, everyone is looking for a good start to the next calendar year and anticipating the need to get off to a flyer. Whilst I’m not advocating a Scrooge like work ethic in the build up to Christmas – instead of writing off much of December – Advent presents a world of opportunity, as a new door opens every day.

It’s our first Christmas at Talent Match and, whilst we intend to enjoy the festivities, we know that it will be a busy period for us. Many of our clients are planning intakes for the New Year and, very wisely, are getting this process underway in the weeks building up to the festive season. If you need new employees in your business during the first few weeks of the New Year – don’t sit and wait.

Now is definitely the time to get that process underway. The Talent Match Elves (look out for out upcoming online Christmas Card) are ready to help. We work with our clients to ensure they meet their demanding targets and genuinely share the buden. Hopefully allowing them time for a few mince pies and the odd schooner of Sherry.

If you need Agents or Advisors, in any discipline, now or into the New Year, get in touch.

Also keep an eye out for details of our Advent calendar competition – details will be published very shortly.

Where’s Wally (or Waldo in the States) has certainly become a phenomenon since the first book was published 24 years ago. People just love searching for the little guy in his red and white hooped outfit. Over 100M books have been sold worldwide and, with MGM announcing that it will be making “Where’s Wally – The Movie”, the pursuit of Wally is only set to hot up further.

Talent Match are “Real-life” Wally finding experts – We are out there searching for the right person, amongst the many who aren’t, every day. We enjoy the search. We are used to spotting talent and have the tools at out finger tips to make it happen – it’s a bit like giving someone scouring the pages of a Where’s Wally book a grid reference and a magnifying glass. Okay, as with recruitment, many people find Where’s Wally frustrating and hugely time-consuming. Imagine a scenario, therefore, where you are given a stack of Where’s Wally books and are told you must sit there, on your own and find a Wally on every page within a limited time frame. This is a situation that many corporate resourcers face when they are asked to find (recruit) the right individual, to a tight time-frame, with limited resources and budget.

That’s where Talent Match’s expertise comes in – we are able to alleviate the frustration, as we utilise the latest on- line tools, market knowledge and recruitment techniques to find that 1 in 100 or even 1 in 1000 that clients are looking for. All within a low cost model, that saves time and allow our clients to better utilise their resources elsewhere.

Not everyone enjoys the search, but we do – So if the cap fits……..

By the way – if you have tried to spot Wally by enlarging the picture in this blog, he is the blurred figure sat at the table in the top left of the picture.

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