When we decided to call the business Talent Match, we knew that we were always leaving ourselves open to being mistaken for a dating agency! To date, we have only had one misplaced enquiry, from Mike, aged 42, from Peterborough, seeking a bubbly blonde with GSoH for fun and friendship – must be willing to pay own way.

Whilst many of us grew up in the Blind Date era, Take Me Out is now the Saturday evening, prime time, dating phenomenon.  Some of those girls are on the programme for weeks, just waiting for Mr Right to come down in the elevator. Whilst they get to make the  initial choices as to whether they are interested, when presenter Paddy McGuiness says “The power is yours”, the empasis shifts in favour of the chap – who has usually spent most of his disposable income on fake tan and teeth whitening.  Not so different to recruitment after all – not the fake tan bit -with the recruitingcompany laying itself open to the market, hoping to secure intial interest from candidates; they then seize back control at interview stage, when it is up to the candidate to impress.

Unlike the ladies on Take Me Out, good candidates seeking roles within the contact centre industry rarely hang around for weeks waiting to be matched up. We operate in a fast paced market, in which there is a lot of competition for talent. Timing is everything and, whilst we wouldn’t advocate a speed dating approach to selection, the process does need to be timely, efficient, appropriate and managed in a way that keeps the candidate engaged.

We are working more and more with our clients on candidate engagement throughout the interview process and, whilst we are unable to provide prime time TV exposure or a date on the Island of Fernandos, we have developed some interesting techniques around candidate contact/communication and client recruitment branding.

Just as a starter consider the following:

  • Is our business/brand recognised locally and why?
  • How could you enhance your recruitment brand?
  • What does your recruitment process look and feel to candidates?
  • Do you leave ALL candidates, whether successful or unsuccessful with a positive impression?
  • Does your social media strategy support your recruitment process?

The gentlemen in Take Me Out will, typically, either have their friends and family extolling their virtues or be expected to perform their party trick, to keep the 30 or so candidates for a date interested.  As a business recruiting in a competitive market, you are likely to rely on a third party to help promote your recruitment brand and be expected to demonstrate what your business can offer above and beyond your near neighbours.

If you would like to speak to us about how we can help to build your engagement strategy, respresent you in the market or maybe even teach you to play the trombone or juggle footballs, please get in touch.