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We’ve been thinking about the Euro’s, and have drawn many similarities between the Championship and our recruitment process…

We begin with the qualifying rounds – 51 nations all competing against each other to win the 14 remaining places beside co-hosts Poland and the Ukraine.  For us, this is our candidates, all with differing technical skills and talents, sending in their applications with the goal of securing a place in the next stage. We filter by examining experience and raw ability, just as the teams are all closely tested before the final stages of the competition. With, on average, in excess of 150 candidates per campaign and an initial  shortlist delivery within 4 days of starting the campaign, we deal with greater volume and vastly reduced timescale.

Next comes the Group stage of the Finals -16 teams playing against each other in order to make it through to the knockout stage.  Our candidates are similarly put through their paces, under closer examination, in the form of a telephone assessment.  We are truly in the nitty gritty phase of team selection at this stage, looking for those who will have the pre-requisite skills as well as the ability to turn in a match winning performance  – just as a manager would sort through the skills of his team in order to get the best possible results.

We move on to the knockout rounds, where the Winners and Runners up of the group stages compete through the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and THE Final. Think of this as the main interview, where our clients consider the candidates skills in more detail in order to decide who ultimately wins the prize of the job offer.  Unlike the football, we will have cut out any dribblers, show boaters and non-team players already, eventually deciding which applicant will perform for our client.

The Euro victors are awarded the Henri Delaunay Trophy. This is similar to the successful candidate being hired, they are accepted for the position, receive their ‘trophy’ in the form of a contract and start their new job.

Of course, there are always unpredictable elements to the Euro’s – as there are in recruitment. There will always be injuries and drop out’s in the championship. Just like a good manager, we are always prepared for these.

There is always a challenge in keeping Player’s engaged and committed during the championship, and we also face this issue with our candidates. We maintain regular contact with our applicants in order to ensure that they are still interested in the position, and that they stay engaged and interested throughout the recruitment process.

Unlike the European Championships, Talent Match doesn’t pack up for a couple of years until the qualifiers start anew. A combination of individual recruitment campaigns and on-going projects mean that we a constantly seeking new talent our Contact Centre clients.

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Whilst Talent Match might still only be at a tender age, this does not mean we’ve had an easy ride during the first two weeks of business!  In fact it’s been quite the contrary with all the team (including new member Lucie) buckling down to some serious hard work making sure we’re finding the best agent and advisor level contact centre candidates for our clients.  All this whilst also making sure we achieve the most cost effective and quickest turn around, Phew!

This is all achieved by combining our many resources – including both generalist and industry specific job boards, as well as our own Talent Match job board.  Alongside this we are harnessing the power of our ever growing social media network to contact both clients and candidates, as well as using the job centre plus website and our own talent pool to ensure we reach as far afield as possible to succeed in attracting the right candidates for our clients.

As a result of all this, in our first week of business we had over 100 applicants for our Home Learning College outbound telesales advisors campaign, meaning our first shortlist was completed in less then 10 days with a number of excellent candidates for our client to see.  

It looks like we’ve got our work cut out over the next few weeks to meet the needs of all our clients contact centre recruitment needs, but when your as committed as us to providing the easiest and most cost effective way to recruit front line Contact Centre staff, that won’t be a problem!

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