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Too Many Cooks


As recruiters we deal with 100’s of candidate’s everyday, so as you can imagine we’re always on the look out for that “perfect” candidate. Whilst we realise that of course nobody is really perfect (apart from Mary herself), we do believe that there are a few easy things that a candidate can do to make themselves really stand out from the crowd and, of course, make our jobs that little bit easier at the same time!

1. It may sound blindingly obvious, but do remember to make a list of all the jobs you have applied for. We realise that in all likeliness you are searching job boards and applying for several positions at a time, which is fine, but remember to jot down which roles you have applied for and why. That way, when we come to call you, you will know what we’re talking about and be prepared for a conversation.

2. Create a cover letter you can cut and paste in response to emails, which you can quickly tailor to each job you have applied for. Make sure you include a brief sentence about your interest in the role – why would you be suitable for it?

3. Make sure you always include you telephone number on an email and include your name, particularly if your email address does not contain it. That way it won’t be like hunting for a needle in a hay stack when we want to get in touch with you!

4. Always confirm your receipt of an email, especially one containing an interview confirmation. Not only does this ensure we know you have received the email and it has not gone into your spam filter, but it also re confirms to us your interest in the role and that you’re taking the matter seriously.

5. Similarly, if you change your mind, let us know as soon as possible. Whether you have found employment elsewhere or simply decided the position is not actually what you’re looking for, it is important for us to know – there will be other candidates who could take your spot on the day of interview.

We will invest as much time and effort as we can into making sure we secure the right position for you. However, we will need your co-operation in order to do so. A lack of commitment and investment on your part, in the early stages of our process, will only hinder your chances. You can of course expect the same treatment from us as we endeavour to keep our candidates informed – by email, by phone and by text.

Following these simple ideas will make both your job hunting and our recruitment processes simpler and easier. We work on many different jobs and view lots of different CV’s everyday, making us aware early on of your enthusiasm and interest in the role will immediately bring you to the top of our list.

So, with nearly 4 months of fantastic business under our belt now, we thought it time for a re-cap of just what Talent Match can offer you and your business.

Let’s cut to the chase here – Talent Match are here to save you time and money, without compromising on quality. We all know how precious these things are both to an individual and an organisation, so what’s stopping you taking a look to see how we can help in these areas?

First of all (and most importantly for some of you) is the fact that Talent Match offer you a service that is considerably less expensive then the traditional recruiting routes you may be using. What’s that I hear you say? “If something is cheaper it usually means that quality will be compromised on.” Wrong! Here at Talent Match we pride ourselves on our experience and expertise in contact centre recruitment, meaning that your shortlist will include only the best agent and advisor level candidates for your contact centre.

Not only do we have the expertise, but our online advertising, extensive screening and shortlisting process further guarantees the quality of candidates that you will receive through our easy to use, fully interactive, shortlist manager.

We employ a whole host of general and specialist job boards to ensure we attract the right candidates. On top of this we are utilising the growing world of social media to attract good candidates. We will also personally search job boards for those top notch candidates who we think are the best match to your role.

Once we’ve got our response, we then begin to filter all our applicants to ensure the right people are put through to you. This process is not a simple “yes” or “no” though. We begin by looking at specific information on each CV to ascertain the suitability of the candidate for your role. We not only look at a candidates education and training but also at how many roles a candidate has had and how long they have held each position for. We will also note down any gaps in employment, not to draw any conclusions, but to make sure we reference this when we speak to a candidate over the phone.

At the end of this initial filtering process, we will be left with two lists of candidates we think are worth speaking to. The first are those who have the right experience to match your company’s requirements, the second are those who may not be an exact match, but have some interesting details on there CV that we wish to discuss further.

We now begin our telephone interview process. This interview can be specific to your company’s own procedure, or we can use our own general telephone interview that covers the most important issues. Not only does this telephone interview save you a lot of time at your end, but it also allows us to further filter our candidates. Those who seem excellent on paper might not necessarily be up to scratch over the phone. If this is the case we move on to the second group of candidates. These are often the ones who will be more hardworking, more determined and more willing to secure a good position, within a good company and definitely worth investigating further!

One important part of our telephone interview is to ensure candidates availability – there is just no point putting candidates forward who cannot fit in to your required start date or assessments. We will also speak in detail to the candidate about what the role entails, the shift patterns and salary to make sure they are completely happy with the role.

Following the telephone interview we will send successful candidates a Personality Profile Test. This is a ten minute test that will allow further insight into the candidate’s’ personality, both socially and professionally, to further help you in your final selection for interview.

Furthermore, if you wish, we can also arrange interviews for you as well. Not only does this make things easier for you, but it will also ensure we are able to keep our candidates “warm”. This level of continuity will, in turn, also ensure a higher turn out rate on the day of interview.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our candidates. We will always advise them before we put them forward for a role and will keep in contact via phone, email and text throughout the whole process to ensure the candidate is fully aware of the process.

One final thing to remember is that we’re flexible, we are more than happy to adapt our services to your individual recruiting needs – why not speak to one of our Account Managers in person on 0845 901 1905 to find out more?

Once Upon a time there was a young man called Jack. Jack lived with his mother and they were down on their luck. Jack was a bright enough lad; he graduated with a decent languages degree two years ago, but had only managed to find a string of temp jobs since. His mum worked hard at the local supermarket, filling the shelves with a well known brand of baked beans – she wanted Jack to get a “proper job”, but she was beginning to think it would never happen for him. Money was tight and Jack knew he had to make some cash somehow. He decided to go to the virtual market at “Ebay” and sell his prize Xbox (which he affectionately called Gertrude).

As he was travelling into cyberspace, something strange happened – a small green creature appeared in the corner of his screen and said. “Welcome to Talent-Match – We are currently looking for bright, enthusiastic French Speaking candidates for our client in the Gaming Industry”.

Jack was suddenly filled with new hope. He spent some time adapting his CV and sent off his application via Windows – He had the language skills, he loved gaming and just maybe, those seven months working at the local phone shop were enough sales experience to give him a chance. His mum was surprisingly happy , given the stage of the story we are at – the fact that he still owned the Xbox and that she would be having beans again for her tea didn’t seem to bother her.

Jack woke early the next morning and headed straight for his PC – it was a bit old & cronky and took a while to warm up, but Jack could not believe his eyes when he saw that Talent-Match had arranged for him to meet a Mr & Mrs Bean, owners of Golden Goose Games and he was to attend an interview later that week at Beanstalk Towers, in the city.

The morning of the meeting Jack was up early again – full of beans – it is still all they had to eat! He thought once again about what he was going to say to the Beans and the questions he had prepared to ask them. Jack arrived nice and early at Beanstalk Towers, which was fortunate as Golden Goose Games was on the top floor and the lift wasn’t working. Jack climbed the stairs with purpose and focus, determined that this would be his day; his only interruption was on the 7th floor, when he received a text from Talent-Match wishing him luck. On arrival at the 21st floor, he was met by a Miss Harp from Human Resources. Jack found her to be a very professional lady, who told him all about Golden Goose and the opportunities available for talented people within the company. He then went on to his interview with the Beans. Jack thought Mr Bean was a bit of an Ogre at first. He was a very large man, with a booming voice, but Jack’s personality and enthusiasm for the role shone through and they ended up getting along like a house on fire.

Jack received the offer of French Speaking Sales Adviser position with Golden Goose the next day. I am sure that you have already guessed that Jack built a very successful career with the company, first becoming a Team Leader and eventually moving on to manage the Company’s European Call Centre Operations. Jack kept in touch with Talent-Match, who have helped him find a number of likeable, enthusiastic gamers who wanted to work with a great group of people at Golden Goose and he and, his mum lived happily ever after.

Whilst many potential employees might not immediately consider that the Call Centre industry will offer them Fairy tale lifestyle, Jack is testimony to the fact there are great opportunities for those who have the drive and enthusiasm to take them. Many companies offer excellent salaries, training and career progression – so, if a little green chameleon pops up on your computer screen, consider what it has to say. It could well be your route to finding a Golden Goose of your own.

Or maybe you could seek out the small green (and blue, and turquoise) fella at Talent Match.co.uk.

On the weekend that saw the X Factor viewing figures dive by a million, we ask why – not why bother with the X Factor at all – but why interest is waning. More importantly there are lessons to be learnt from businesses engaging in high volume, long winded and over complicated selection processes.

There have been a number of potential theories put forward for dwindling interest. We examine them and the lessons that might apply within the world of recruitment:

The Judges – No Simon, No Cheryl (okay, Danni going is a plus) – so many would argue the best panel of Judges is no longer in place; those that bring the show to life and create its culture and style.

Having the right selection panel when interviewing for your business is crucial. They not only need to understand what makes a good candidate, but also need to sell the business to the potential staff and engender enthusiasm in the company. Even having a “Louis” on your panel is worth considering – you may end up with a few candidates who differ from the norm, but may have popular appeal.

The Programme – Too long. A two and a half hour programme on Saturday alone. A Marathon series, until Christmas. No wonder interest wanes. Auditions, Boot camp, sing offs – aarrrgghhhh!

But how many businesses do the same thing with there recruitment processes. Yes, you want the right candidate but making them jump through too many hoops can be detrimental. Make your interview or assessment process relevant and keep it to a reasonable timescale.

Advertising Breaks – Okay, so these are a bit of a money spinner, but with one fifth of Saturday’s show as breaks, no wonder people switched off.

If you don’t want candidates to switch off, keep the momentum going. If your timing is off, then you may loose some of your candidates to another channel.

Competition – With plenty of other Channels on the old goggle box, the X Factor is facing some stiff opposition. Merlin is always worth a look and it is short and sweet.

Don’t forget there are other companies out there trying to attract your candidates. It is a competitive maket. You have to grab candidates attention, engage them and keep them with the process. Speed and timing are the key.

Format – X Factor has been pretty much the same for years.

Consider a change of recruitment process – do something different. Surprise and delight candidates. Show them why you are different to your competitors.

Change Producers – Okay, so I don’t really know how good the X Factor producers are, but if you aren’t happy with your recruitment process, the quality of candidates you are getting or the value for money that you are achieving, consider a business that is changing perceptions within contact centre recruitment at agent level. Talent Match.
We’d be delighted to speak with you about ensuring you achieve the depth of coverage you need, at the right price, with a process that runs smoothly and provides candidates that – here comes the cringey bit – give your business the X Factor.

We thought we’d set you a quick challenge! A brief music quiz that is contact centre themed. We’ve given you the Song title and the year – you need to identify the artist. See how you get on.

1. Telephone (2009)
2. I Just Called to Say I Love You (1984)
3. Smooth Operator (1984)
4. Hanging on the Telephone (1978)
5. Patience (2006)
6. Hello (1984)
7. London Calling (1979)
8. Hello, Goodbye (1969)
9. Call Me (1980)
10.We Don’t Talk Anymore (1979)

Click on the following link for the answers:
We think a score of 6 or more is pretty good.

Just about everyone at Talent-Match (and our sister company Cactus Search) enjoy the phenomenon that is The Inbetweeners.

We had an application last week from a William McKenzie – This lead to some thought about what if it had been Will (Inbetweener) Mckenzie and which of the lads might be best suited to life in a call centre environment, after they leave school.

Well here’s how we see it:


Go to fullsize image

OMG! Has the intellectual capacity, but would almost certainly go off at a tangent and bore the pants off any customer.  Customer Service is not his thing –  just the thought of a Yodaesque “Feisty one you are” style response to an already irate customer, fills me with horror. His diplomacy and awareness (as exhibited during the front seat of the rollercoaster incident at Thorpe Park), is perpetually on display for all to see.  If we had to find him a job Personal Injury is the way to go – he  has inflicted enough damage with a frisbee in the past.

Simon –

Episode 1 top quotes

Potentially the best Call Centre material – well-mannered, articulate (unless in the presence of Carli) and reliable (ish). He is prone to the odd SICKY, however, and he needs to watch out for wardrobe malfunctions in the office. Definitely one for the Customer Service team – perhaps on the Fiat Cinquecento account rather than “hanging out” with the Speedo team.


Episode 5 picture 4

Any conversation with Neil would be entertaining and he would certainly be endearing. Above all – he is the one of the four boys most likely to get a RESULT. So we are putting him in telesales – probably selling fishing equipment or something to do with robotics.  Watch this one at the Christmas party, however, he is prone to be a little self-indulgent on the dance floor and, if you have any ladies called Timms in the office, tell them to steer well clear.

Jay “Call Centre” Friend

the inbetweeners episode 3 season 2 Will's Birthday French Exchange

Telesales ? – No chance, is prone to extreme exageration and overselling. Customer Service ? – Ouch! Collections – involves numbers.  So it has to be….. Correspondence.  He knows his way around a laptop – he’s found all sorts of interesting sites. Perhaps dealing with queries from briefcase owning, bus users would be his forte or maybe something to do with motorbikes.

There is a clear candidate for Call Centre Manager at any company these guys work for:

Okay! So maybe none of the Inbetweeners are the perfect Call Centre Agents. There are a lot of good candidates out there looking for roles in this growing industry and, as the Inbetweeners of today become the job seekers of tomorrow – in a tough market – competition is set to get fiercer.

Now might be the time to look at the excellent career opportunities on offer – the are a range of roles and industries to suit MOST personality types.

TALENT MATCH are specialists in Call Centre recruitment; so if you already have experience and are looking for a step up or seeking are your first call centre role, get in touch with us.

We’ve all heard the phrase “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” when it comes to the confusing and sometimes perilous world of dating.  At the centre of this statement lies the universal problem that men just don’t know what women want in a man.  Similarly, it can often be difficult for recruitment companies to wholly understand just what their client is after.  With so many different clients to work with and please, it can be a tricky game to ensure that each business relationship is being managed in the right manner, leaving both sides happy and fulfilled.  Here at Talent Match however, we think we’ve come up with the 5 fundamental truths that are the essence of all relationships – whether personal or professional.

  1. Connection

Without a connection from the word go your relationship’s going to be a non starter.  Without wishing to sound cliché, if there’s no chemistry, it’s a no go.  At Talent Match we’re committed to listening to our clients key recruitment needs from the word go.  Whether they’re after a one off Customer Service Advisor to start the following week, or a bespoke campaign that will see us recruiting for over 30 staff in 4 weeks, we are able to plan a personalised recruitment strategy that fits exactly to your businesses needs and specifications.  We’ll even slot seamlessly into your own HR department and work alongside them to create the most efficient and productive recruitment process for you.

  1. Predictability

The spontaneous and heady days of a new relationship are what’s known as the “honeymoon period”.  Whilst this is exciting for any blossoming relationship, the key to a long lasting and rewarding relationship is predictability, rather then irrational impulsiveness.  Without trust and security in a relationship, it’s sure to flounder sooner or later.  Chose Talent Match and you can trust us to provide you with a service that always delivers.  We’ll keep you up to date throughout our process on exactly where we’re at with your campaign, from proof reading the job spec to how many applicants we’ve had and the date you can expect your first shortlist.  Whilst there may be the temptation to flirt with other recruitment avenues along the way, we know that when it comes down to it the consistency of a Talent Match campaign are what will persevere long term.

  1. Provider

In this day and age it might be deemed old hat and antiquated to think that men should still be the main bread winner of a relationship.  However, research has proven it is still the case that women look to men with wealth and status, as these will prove to be the best providers for offspring.  Whilst Talent Match can’t provide this latter service, we can provide you with the most cost effective and efficient way to recruit front line call centre staff for your business.

  1. Experience

Unless you’ve been living in the back of Timbuktu recently, you can’t fail to have noticed the recent phenomenon that is the “cougar”.  Most of us however, are still after those with a little more experience and maturity behind them (need I mention George Clooney?).  Unfortunately, we can’t claim the Talent Match team looks like the stars of a Hollywood movie, but we do have the specialist experience to give you the best advice and service that your company needs.  We won’t be phased by new challenges as we have the knowledge to adapt to whatever may be thrown our way.  Plus, with our extensive Contact Centre expertise your shortlist will include the best agent and advisor level candidates for your Call Centre.

  1. Commitment

Whilst to some this word strikes the fear of God, this is the essence of our work at Talent Match.  With your own dedicated Account Manager and Resourcer just a phone call away you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your campaign in hand.  We’re committed to providing you with the easiest and most cost effective way to recruit front line contact centre staff, without compromising on experience or quality of service.

So there we have it, our top 5 factors that will result in a prosperous and long lasting relationship, whether that be for business or pleasure.

You are a young Premiership footballer – well you were actually relegated  last season, but you consider yourself to be premiership quality. You are unhappy at your current club, think you are better than the Championship but have two years left on a lucrative contract.  You could well be right!

You have been contacted by your Agent and he tells you that a resurgent Liverpool are interested in you.  Dream move? Any player in your position would move heaven and earth to make it happen – wouldn’t they?

As we all know, some footballers have become greedy, lazy and out of touch with the real world.  Our fleet footed friend, I’m afraid, is one such footballer.  He is presented with an opportunity to progress his career, with a legendary club –he tells his agent he wants even more money, that he has heard they are trained hard by the manager and that he can’t even be bothered to meet with the club’s representatives – all because he will have to work hard to make it into the team and he thinks they MIGHT not be able to meet his wage demands.This player looks doomed to dwell in the lower leagues for his entire career.

Are we – those that don’t have the sporting prowess of our sporting heroes – sometimes guilty of the same self defeating behaviour?

Why not explore every opportunity to the max! You may be in a job that you fear is going nowhere? Why let immediate financial gain,  different working hours and the need to train for a new role stand in your way.  Take a longer term view!

Our experience is that many candidates don’t. They just want immediate returns and an easy life. To return to our footballing analogy – Liverpool may not have come in for you, but one of the newly promoted clubs want you as a key player in their push to establish themselves in the top league – the salary is a little less than you are on currently, but the win bonuses are great and, if they stay in the Premiership, you earn big money.  There is also a great team spirit. If you perform you will be truly appreciated.

You have been given permission to speak to other clubs –  see what they have to say!  If ultimately you stay with the Championship side – so be it.  BUT make a choice based on facts – not hearsay, what might be or, worst of all, greed or laziness.

At Talent Match, the transfer window is open all year round.  As the leading player in on-line call centre recruitment, you can ditch your agent and manage your career direct.  Make the most of the opportunities that present themselves and explore career goals to the full.

Along with much of Britain over the last week, we’ve been shocked to see the riots in London, Birmingham and other cities in the UK.

Their underlying cause has led to an enormous amount of speculation across the media, with pundits trying to work out why, and how, this apparent uprising has occurred.

London Riots

It’s fairly clear that in many cases it’s opportunism, pure and simple – but those who do attempt to justify their actions to themselves have often blamed the apathy towards them, and the lack of jobs available to them.

Now it wouldn’t be fair to generalise – of course there are examples of extreme hardship in many areas of the UK, where it’s almost inevitable that this type of apathy will grow.

However, there is no justification for the sort of violence – and in some cases, outright cruelty – that has occurred this week, and from our perspective (and presumably that of many other recruiters and HR professionals) the “lack of jobs” excuse seems to us something of a cop out.

One of the main challenges that recruitment and HR professionals face is that of making candidates turn up for interviews, and, if they’re successful, on their first day at work. It’s frankly incredible to us that, given the current economic situation both locally and globally, candidates perfectly qualified to work and offered the opportunity to do so, choose not to.

It’s a vicious cycle – the culture of apathy that comes from a lack of self-respect and pride leads to candidates simply “dropping out” – not just of interviews, but of their prospective futures, and of society as a whole. It’s endemic in the culture, and it’s almost impossible to tackle without a full-scale change in the way these societies develop.

As Patrick Regan, a London social worker, said this week:

“Hopeful kids don’t join gangs. Hopeful kids don’t riot. You are not born angry. Something obviously has gone wrong. That’s why we need to have long-term solutions that tackle the drivers of those issues.”

Obviously this is a national, political and social issue – it’s something that needs to change throughout the country, and throughout our culture. But having a job needs to become the preferred option to a lifetime on the dole – if not for the economy, or any other reason than for the self-respect and pride of those who – rightly or wrongly – feel trapped at the bottom of a society that just doesn’t understand or care.

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