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BT Open Doors to Centre of Excellence

We are currently recruiting Customer Service Advisers (Full & Part-Time) on behalf BT, as they open the doors to a new, world class Contact Centre in Accrington.

We are inviting individuals with previous customer service or sales experience to attend a Recruitment Open Day on Friday 16th November. This is an excellent opportunity to tour their superbly designed facility at The Globe Centre, find out more about the role and, most importantly, undertake an initial assessment for these highly sought after roles. We will be running sessions in the morning (10.30am), afternoon (2.30pm) and early evening (5.30pm), each lasting approximately 1 – 1.5 hours.

If you would like the opportunity to be involved in this exciting new Centre, call Nicki Brace on 01905 746520 or email a copy of your CV to


BT has created something very special at their new Contact Centre in Accrington.

We have now been working with the Communications and Media giant for three months to recruit for their newly revamped site at the Globe Centre, where they are looking to build customer service centre of excellence. After much investment, imaginative design input and a desire to create an enviable working environment, the new site opened its high tech, sliding doors last week. The working environment is airy, spacious and light, with well planned break out and leisure areas (equipped with BT Vision and gaming), as well as a welcoming and well stocked “bistro”.

I am also pleased to report that recruitment is progressing to plan. A highly motivated group of Front Line Mangers have been waiting to welcome the first recruits (for whom they have been given direct responsibility for recruiting) in to training – their time has come. The five week, world class training programmes are packed with new Advisers eager to put the promises of a customer service excellence in to action.

The atmosphere at this site is going to be a very special – with a management team committed to making the most of a first class working environment, industry leading training and team of Advisors selected for their customer service skills and desire to offer BT customers the best possible contact experience.

BT have created something special in Accrington, and at a sister site in West Bromwich, that local people want to be part of. Our work at Talent Match is not finished, as we are now looking for the right calibre of individuals to join training programmes into the New Year. If you would like to find out more about becoming an Adviser, go to

When we decided to call the business Talent Match, we knew that we were always leaving ourselves open to being mistaken for a dating agency! To date, we have only had one misplaced enquiry, from Mike, aged 42, from Peterborough, seeking a bubbly blonde with GSoH for fun and friendship – must be willing to pay own way.

Whilst many of us grew up in the Blind Date era, Take Me Out is now the Saturday evening, prime time, dating phenomenon.  Some of those girls are on the programme for weeks, just waiting for Mr Right to come down in the elevator. Whilst they get to make the  initial choices as to whether they are interested, when presenter Paddy McGuiness says “The power is yours”, the empasis shifts in favour of the chap – who has usually spent most of his disposable income on fake tan and teeth whitening.  Not so different to recruitment after all – not the fake tan bit -with the recruitingcompany laying itself open to the market, hoping to secure intial interest from candidates; they then seize back control at interview stage, when it is up to the candidate to impress.

Unlike the ladies on Take Me Out, good candidates seeking roles within the contact centre industry rarely hang around for weeks waiting to be matched up. We operate in a fast paced market, in which there is a lot of competition for talent. Timing is everything and, whilst we wouldn’t advocate a speed dating approach to selection, the process does need to be timely, efficient, appropriate and managed in a way that keeps the candidate engaged.

We are working more and more with our clients on candidate engagement throughout the interview process and, whilst we are unable to provide prime time TV exposure or a date on the Island of Fernandos, we have developed some interesting techniques around candidate contact/communication and client recruitment branding.

Just as a starter consider the following:

  • Is our business/brand recognised locally and why?
  • How could you enhance your recruitment brand?
  • What does your recruitment process look and feel to candidates?
  • Do you leave ALL candidates, whether successful or unsuccessful with a positive impression?
  • Does your social media strategy support your recruitment process?

The gentlemen in Take Me Out will, typically, either have their friends and family extolling their virtues or be expected to perform their party trick, to keep the 30 or so candidates for a date interested.  As a business recruiting in a competitive market, you are likely to rely on a third party to help promote your recruitment brand and be expected to demonstrate what your business can offer above and beyond your near neighbours.

If you would like to speak to us about how we can help to build your engagement strategy, respresent you in the market or maybe even teach you to play the trombone or juggle footballs, please get in touch.

“December is a short month” – At 31 days, it’s actually one of the longest. With the way Christmas falls this year, however, most would agree that we probably only have 15 (or maybe 16) working days to get any real business conducted. Throw in a few Christmas parties (the fallout and recovery days), employees taking annual leave to do a bit of shopping and a general feeling of seasonal chilling out AND it really is a very short month.

At the same time, everyone is looking for a good start to the next calendar year and anticipating the need to get off to a flyer. Whilst I’m not advocating a Scrooge like work ethic in the build up to Christmas – instead of writing off much of December – Advent presents a world of opportunity, as a new door opens every day.

It’s our first Christmas at Talent Match and, whilst we intend to enjoy the festivities, we know that it will be a busy period for us. Many of our clients are planning intakes for the New Year and, very wisely, are getting this process underway in the weeks building up to the festive season. If you need new employees in your business during the first few weeks of the New Year – don’t sit and wait.

Now is definitely the time to get that process underway. The Talent Match Elves (look out for out upcoming online Christmas Card) are ready to help. We work with our clients to ensure they meet their demanding targets and genuinely share the buden. Hopefully allowing them time for a few mince pies and the odd schooner of Sherry.

If you need Agents or Advisors, in any discipline, now or into the New Year, get in touch.

Also keep an eye out for details of our Advent calendar competition – details will be published very shortly.

Where’s Wally (or Waldo in the States) has certainly become a phenomenon since the first book was published 24 years ago. People just love searching for the little guy in his red and white hooped outfit. Over 100M books have been sold worldwide and, with MGM announcing that it will be making “Where’s Wally – The Movie”, the pursuit of Wally is only set to hot up further.

Talent Match are “Real-life” Wally finding experts – We are out there searching for the right person, amongst the many who aren’t, every day. We enjoy the search. We are used to spotting talent and have the tools at out finger tips to make it happen – it’s a bit like giving someone scouring the pages of a Where’s Wally book a grid reference and a magnifying glass. Okay, as with recruitment, many people find Where’s Wally frustrating and hugely time-consuming. Imagine a scenario, therefore, where you are given a stack of Where’s Wally books and are told you must sit there, on your own and find a Wally on every page within a limited time frame. This is a situation that many corporate resourcers face when they are asked to find (recruit) the right individual, to a tight time-frame, with limited resources and budget.

That’s where Talent Match’s expertise comes in – we are able to alleviate the frustration, as we utilise the latest on- line tools, market knowledge and recruitment techniques to find that 1 in 100 or even 1 in 1000 that clients are looking for. All within a low cost model, that saves time and allow our clients to better utilise their resources elsewhere.

Not everyone enjoys the search, but we do – So if the cap fits……..

By the way – if you have tried to spot Wally by enlarging the picture in this blog, he is the blurred figure sat at the table in the top left of the picture.

Just about everyone at Talent-Match (and our sister company Cactus Search) enjoy the phenomenon that is The Inbetweeners.

We had an application last week from a William McKenzie – This lead to some thought about what if it had been Will (Inbetweener) Mckenzie and which of the lads might be best suited to life in a call centre environment, after they leave school.

Well here’s how we see it:


Go to fullsize image

OMG! Has the intellectual capacity, but would almost certainly go off at a tangent and bore the pants off any customer.  Customer Service is not his thing –  just the thought of a Yodaesque “Feisty one you are” style response to an already irate customer, fills me with horror. His diplomacy and awareness (as exhibited during the front seat of the rollercoaster incident at Thorpe Park), is perpetually on display for all to see.  If we had to find him a job Personal Injury is the way to go – he  has inflicted enough damage with a frisbee in the past.

Simon –

Episode 1 top quotes

Potentially the best Call Centre material – well-mannered, articulate (unless in the presence of Carli) and reliable (ish). He is prone to the odd SICKY, however, and he needs to watch out for wardrobe malfunctions in the office. Definitely one for the Customer Service team – perhaps on the Fiat Cinquecento account rather than “hanging out” with the Speedo team.


Episode 5 picture 4

Any conversation with Neil would be entertaining and he would certainly be endearing. Above all – he is the one of the four boys most likely to get a RESULT. So we are putting him in telesales – probably selling fishing equipment or something to do with robotics.  Watch this one at the Christmas party, however, he is prone to be a little self-indulgent on the dance floor and, if you have any ladies called Timms in the office, tell them to steer well clear.

Jay “Call Centre” Friend

the inbetweeners episode 3 season 2 Will's Birthday French Exchange

Telesales ? – No chance, is prone to extreme exageration and overselling. Customer Service ? – Ouch! Collections – involves numbers.  So it has to be….. Correspondence.  He knows his way around a laptop – he’s found all sorts of interesting sites. Perhaps dealing with queries from briefcase owning, bus users would be his forte or maybe something to do with motorbikes.

There is a clear candidate for Call Centre Manager at any company these guys work for:

Okay! So maybe none of the Inbetweeners are the perfect Call Centre Agents. There are a lot of good candidates out there looking for roles in this growing industry and, as the Inbetweeners of today become the job seekers of tomorrow – in a tough market – competition is set to get fiercer.

Now might be the time to look at the excellent career opportunities on offer – the are a range of roles and industries to suit MOST personality types.

TALENT MATCH are specialists in Call Centre recruitment; so if you already have experience and are looking for a step up or seeking are your first call centre role, get in touch with us.

Along with much of Britain over the last week, we’ve been shocked to see the riots in London, Birmingham and other cities in the UK.

Their underlying cause has led to an enormous amount of speculation across the media, with pundits trying to work out why, and how, this apparent uprising has occurred.

London Riots

It’s fairly clear that in many cases it’s opportunism, pure and simple – but those who do attempt to justify their actions to themselves have often blamed the apathy towards them, and the lack of jobs available to them.

Now it wouldn’t be fair to generalise – of course there are examples of extreme hardship in many areas of the UK, where it’s almost inevitable that this type of apathy will grow.

However, there is no justification for the sort of violence – and in some cases, outright cruelty – that has occurred this week, and from our perspective (and presumably that of many other recruiters and HR professionals) the “lack of jobs” excuse seems to us something of a cop out.

One of the main challenges that recruitment and HR professionals face is that of making candidates turn up for interviews, and, if they’re successful, on their first day at work. It’s frankly incredible to us that, given the current economic situation both locally and globally, candidates perfectly qualified to work and offered the opportunity to do so, choose not to.

It’s a vicious cycle – the culture of apathy that comes from a lack of self-respect and pride leads to candidates simply “dropping out” – not just of interviews, but of their prospective futures, and of society as a whole. It’s endemic in the culture, and it’s almost impossible to tackle without a full-scale change in the way these societies develop.

As Patrick Regan, a London social worker, said this week:

“Hopeful kids don’t join gangs. Hopeful kids don’t riot. You are not born angry. Something obviously has gone wrong. That’s why we need to have long-term solutions that tackle the drivers of those issues.”

Obviously this is a national, political and social issue – it’s something that needs to change throughout the country, and throughout our culture. But having a job needs to become the preferred option to a lifetime on the dole – if not for the economy, or any other reason than for the self-respect and pride of those who – rightly or wrongly – feel trapped at the bottom of a society that just doesn’t understand or care.

As you’ve probably heard a 100 times before, your CV is the most important thing when you begin the job hunting process, even more so when it comes to getting a job in the Contact Centre world.  But just how exactly do you ensure you hit the right mark with your CV?

It’s all too easy to think that the jazzier your CV is the more interesting or memorable you’ll appear to a potential employer – wrong!  In fact the simpler your CV, the easier it will be for them to pick out your skills and attributes that could get you the job.  Faced with a large pile of CV’s to sift through the last thing they will want to see is a CV overloaded with irrelevant information (and yes that includes the names of your 4 goldfish!) and they’ll probably discard you from the off.  Follow our top tips below and you’ll have the daddy of all CV’s in no time!

  • Keep your CV clear and concise, with an uncluttered layout.
  • Cover your most recent call centre role first – it is likely to be the most relevant to the role you have applied for and employers are always interested to know what you are doing now.
  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling – use spell check and get some one else to proof read your CV before you even think of sending it out to companies.
  • Provide up to date contact details, with an appropriate email – might not necessarily show you in the best light!
  • Be selective in your choice of personal interests, “socialising” is not a good cover all.
  • Print your CV on good quality, plain white A4 paper, it shows professionalism and that your serious about the job.
  • Do not include a photo unless required.
  • Only include references if asked.
  • Don’t forget a covering letter – this is your chance to tailor your application to the job spec or advert, again keep it short and to the point.

Once your CV’s in order, its time to start job hunting and here at Talent Match we’ve created a hassle free job search and application formula that will save you a lot of precious time.

Upload your CV to our website today and let us do all the hard work for you at

Whilst Talent Match might still only be at a tender age, this does not mean we’ve had an easy ride during the first two weeks of business!  In fact it’s been quite the contrary with all the team (including new member Lucie) buckling down to some serious hard work making sure we’re finding the best agent and advisor level contact centre candidates for our clients.  All this whilst also making sure we achieve the most cost effective and quickest turn around, Phew!

This is all achieved by combining our many resources – including both generalist and industry specific job boards, as well as our own Talent Match job board.  Alongside this we are harnessing the power of our ever growing social media network to contact both clients and candidates, as well as using the job centre plus website and our own talent pool to ensure we reach as far afield as possible to succeed in attracting the right candidates for our clients.

As a result of all this, in our first week of business we had over 100 applicants for our Home Learning College outbound telesales advisors campaign, meaning our first shortlist was completed in less then 10 days with a number of excellent candidates for our client to see.  

It looks like we’ve got our work cut out over the next few weeks to meet the needs of all our clients contact centre recruitment needs, but when your as committed as us to providing the easiest and most cost effective way to recruit front line Contact Centre staff, that won’t be a problem!

So, months in preparation and the day finally comes….the Talent Match launch. By using the word “launch”, I visualise some sort of extravaganza –  lights and fireworks.

The reality was a little different; some Champers (well Cava in plastic cups), some sandwiches (delicious sandwiches, I might add), followed by a fancy mini pasty (by fancy I mean nice and, by mini, I mean I ate 4 – so I’m justifying it). Ok, so not the lights or fireworks (not even a party popper), but certainly a great day for us.

For the last few months, Talent Match has evolved from a fantastic idea into a budding new business, excelling even in its infancy. Three days in and we are already recruiting and placing the right people, into the right roles, at the right level, for the right price.  A flat fee that reduces with volume, you can’t argue with that.

We were born out of an idea to fill a void in the marketplace. There are high street agencies, specialist agencies and job boards out there – it seemed as if the market was covered – but that wasn’t the experience of the clients we spoke to.

As an online candidate attraction and selection business, Talent Match brings the best of all of these together in a single, simple package.  The best part? –  It works. If it doesn’t, you get a credit to use again straight away or anytime within the next 12 months.

We always knew this would work!  Contact centres are changing, as is recruitment – our specialist, online solution for frontline staff embraces that change. What we didn’t know was quite how quickly it would take off.  We’ve already made our first placements with several more candidates booked in for interview before the end of the week.

The response has been brilliant and it looks like some good times ahead. I wonder how soon my colleague will get annoyed with me saying “This time next year Rodney, we’ll be Millionaires”. Note to self; find colleague called Rodney.


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