Where’s Wally (or Waldo in the States) has certainly become a phenomenon since the first book was published 24 years ago. People just love searching for the little guy in his red and white hooped outfit. Over 100M books have been sold worldwide and, with MGM announcing that it will be making “Where’s Wally – The Movie”, the pursuit of Wally is only set to hot up further.

Talent Match are “Real-life” Wally finding experts – We are out there searching for the right person, amongst the many who aren’t, every day. We enjoy the search. We are used to spotting talent and have the tools at out finger tips to make it happen – it’s a bit like giving someone scouring the pages of a Where’s Wally book a grid reference and a magnifying glass. Okay, as with recruitment, many people find Where’s Wally frustrating and hugely time-consuming. Imagine a scenario, therefore, where you are given a stack of Where’s Wally books and are told you must sit there, on your own and find a Wally on every page within a limited time frame. This is a situation that many corporate resourcers face when they are asked to find (recruit) the right individual, to a tight time-frame, with limited resources and budget.

That’s where Talent Match’s expertise comes in – we are able to alleviate the frustration, as we utilise the latest on- line tools, market knowledge and recruitment techniques to find that 1 in 100 or even 1 in 1000 that clients are looking for. All within a low cost model, that saves time and allow our clients to better utilise their resources elsewhere.

Not everyone enjoys the search, but we do – So if the cap fits……..

By the way – if you have tried to spot Wally by enlarging the picture in this blog, he is the blurred figure sat at the table in the top left of the picture.