As recruiters we deal with 100’s of candidate’s everyday, so as you can imagine we’re always on the look out for that “perfect” candidate. Whilst we realise that of course nobody is really perfect (apart from Mary herself), we do believe that there are a few easy things that a candidate can do to make themselves really stand out from the crowd and, of course, make our jobs that little bit easier at the same time!

1. It may sound blindingly obvious, but do remember to make a list of all the jobs you have applied for. We realise that in all likeliness you are searching job boards and applying for several positions at a time, which is fine, but remember to jot down which roles you have applied for and why. That way, when we come to call you, you will know what we’re talking about and be prepared for a conversation.

2. Create a cover letter you can cut and paste in response to emails, which you can quickly tailor to each job you have applied for. Make sure you include a brief sentence about your interest in the role – why would you be suitable for it?

3. Make sure you always include you telephone number on an email and include your name, particularly if your email address does not contain it. That way it won’t be like hunting for a needle in a hay stack when we want to get in touch with you!

4. Always confirm your receipt of an email, especially one containing an interview confirmation. Not only does this ensure we know you have received the email and it has not gone into your spam filter, but it also re confirms to us your interest in the role and that you’re taking the matter seriously.

5. Similarly, if you change your mind, let us know as soon as possible. Whether you have found employment elsewhere or simply decided the position is not actually what you’re looking for, it is important for us to know – there will be other candidates who could take your spot on the day of interview.

We will invest as much time and effort as we can into making sure we secure the right position for you. However, we will need your co-operation in order to do so. A lack of commitment and investment on your part, in the early stages of our process, will only hinder your chances. You can of course expect the same treatment from us as we endeavour to keep our candidates informed – by email, by phone and by text.

Following these simple ideas will make both your job hunting and our recruitment processes simpler and easier. We work on many different jobs and view lots of different CV’s everyday, making us aware early on of your enthusiasm and interest in the role will immediately bring you to the top of our list.