Once Upon a time there was a young man called Jack. Jack lived with his mother and they were down on their luck. Jack was a bright enough lad; he graduated with a decent languages degree two years ago, but had only managed to find a string of temp jobs since. His mum worked hard at the local supermarket, filling the shelves with a well known brand of baked beans – she wanted Jack to get a “proper job”, but she was beginning to think it would never happen for him. Money was tight and Jack knew he had to make some cash somehow. He decided to go to the virtual market at “Ebay” and sell his prize Xbox (which he affectionately called Gertrude).

As he was travelling into cyberspace, something strange happened – a small green creature appeared in the corner of his screen and said. “Welcome to Talent-Match – We are currently looking for bright, enthusiastic French Speaking candidates for our client in the Gaming Industry”.

Jack was suddenly filled with new hope. He spent some time adapting his CV and sent off his application via Windows – He had the language skills, he loved gaming and just maybe, those seven months working at the local phone shop were enough sales experience to give him a chance. His mum was surprisingly happy , given the stage of the story we are at – the fact that he still owned the Xbox and that she would be having beans again for her tea didn’t seem to bother her.

Jack woke early the next morning and headed straight for his PC – it was a bit old & cronky and took a while to warm up, but Jack could not believe his eyes when he saw that Talent-Match had arranged for him to meet a Mr & Mrs Bean, owners of Golden Goose Games and he was to attend an interview later that week at Beanstalk Towers, in the city.

The morning of the meeting Jack was up early again – full of beans – it is still all they had to eat! He thought once again about what he was going to say to the Beans and the questions he had prepared to ask them. Jack arrived nice and early at Beanstalk Towers, which was fortunate as Golden Goose Games was on the top floor and the lift wasn’t working. Jack climbed the stairs with purpose and focus, determined that this would be his day; his only interruption was on the 7th floor, when he received a text from Talent-Match wishing him luck. On arrival at the 21st floor, he was met by a Miss Harp from Human Resources. Jack found her to be a very professional lady, who told him all about Golden Goose and the opportunities available for talented people within the company. He then went on to his interview with the Beans. Jack thought Mr Bean was a bit of an Ogre at first. He was a very large man, with a booming voice, but Jack’s personality and enthusiasm for the role shone through and they ended up getting along like a house on fire.

Jack received the offer of French Speaking Sales Adviser position with Golden Goose the next day. I am sure that you have already guessed that Jack built a very successful career with the company, first becoming a Team Leader and eventually moving on to manage the Company’s European Call Centre Operations. Jack kept in touch with Talent-Match, who have helped him find a number of likeable, enthusiastic gamers who wanted to work with a great group of people at Golden Goose and he and, his mum lived happily ever after.

Whilst many potential employees might not immediately consider that the Call Centre industry will offer them Fairy tale lifestyle, Jack is testimony to the fact there are great opportunities for those who have the drive and enthusiasm to take them. Many companies offer excellent salaries, training and career progression – so, if a little green chameleon pops up on your computer screen, consider what it has to say. It could well be your route to finding a Golden Goose of your own.

Or maybe you could seek out the small green (and blue, and turquoise) fella at Talent Match.co.uk.