On the weekend that saw the X Factor viewing figures dive by a million, we ask why – not why bother with the X Factor at all – but why interest is waning. More importantly there are lessons to be learnt from businesses engaging in high volume, long winded and over complicated selection processes.

There have been a number of potential theories put forward for dwindling interest. We examine them and the lessons that might apply within the world of recruitment:

The Judges – No Simon, No Cheryl (okay, Danni going is a plus) – so many would argue the best panel of Judges is no longer in place; those that bring the show to life and create its culture and style.

Having the right selection panel when interviewing for your business is crucial. They not only need to understand what makes a good candidate, but also need to sell the business to the potential staff and engender enthusiasm in the company. Even having a “Louis” on your panel is worth considering – you may end up with a few candidates who differ from the norm, but may have popular appeal.

The Programme – Too long. A two and a half hour programme on Saturday alone. A Marathon series, until Christmas. No wonder interest wanes. Auditions, Boot camp, sing offs – aarrrgghhhh!

But how many businesses do the same thing with there recruitment processes. Yes, you want the right candidate but making them jump through too many hoops can be detrimental. Make your interview or assessment process relevant and keep it to a reasonable timescale.

Advertising Breaks – Okay, so these are a bit of a money spinner, but with one fifth of Saturday’s show as breaks, no wonder people switched off.

If you don’t want candidates to switch off, keep the momentum going. If your timing is off, then you may loose some of your candidates to another channel.

Competition – With plenty of other Channels on the old goggle box, the X Factor is facing some stiff opposition. Merlin is always worth a look and it is short and sweet.

Don’t forget there are other companies out there trying to attract your candidates. It is a competitive maket. You have to grab candidates attention, engage them and keep them with the process. Speed and timing are the key.

Format – X Factor has been pretty much the same for years.

Consider a change of recruitment process – do something different. Surprise and delight candidates. Show them why you are different to your competitors.

Change Producers – Okay, so I don’t really know how good the X Factor producers are, but if you aren’t happy with your recruitment process, the quality of candidates you are getting or the value for money that you are achieving, consider a business that is changing perceptions within contact centre recruitment at agent level. Talent Match.
We’d be delighted to speak with you about ensuring you achieve the depth of coverage you need, at the right price, with a process that runs smoothly and provides candidates that – here comes the cringey bit – give your business the X Factor.