Just about everyone at Talent-Match (and our sister company Cactus Search) enjoy the phenomenon that is The Inbetweeners.

We had an application last week from a William McKenzie – This lead to some thought about what if it had been Will (Inbetweener) Mckenzie and which of the lads might be best suited to life in a call centre environment, after they leave school.

Well here’s how we see it:


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OMG! Has the intellectual capacity, but would almost certainly go off at a tangent and bore the pants off any customer.  Customer Service is not his thing –  just the thought of a Yodaesque “Feisty one you are” style response to an already irate customer, fills me with horror. His diplomacy and awareness (as exhibited during the front seat of the rollercoaster incident at Thorpe Park), is perpetually on display for all to see.  If we had to find him a job Personal Injury is the way to go – he  has inflicted enough damage with a frisbee in the past.

Simon –

Episode 1 top quotes

Potentially the best Call Centre material – well-mannered, articulate (unless in the presence of Carli) and reliable (ish). He is prone to the odd SICKY, however, and he needs to watch out for wardrobe malfunctions in the office. Definitely one for the Customer Service team – perhaps on the Fiat Cinquecento account rather than “hanging out” with the Speedo team.


Episode 5 picture 4

Any conversation with Neil would be entertaining and he would certainly be endearing. Above all – he is the one of the four boys most likely to get a RESULT. So we are putting him in telesales – probably selling fishing equipment or something to do with robotics.  Watch this one at the Christmas party, however, he is prone to be a little self-indulgent on the dance floor and, if you have any ladies called Timms in the office, tell them to steer well clear.

Jay “Call Centre” Friend

the inbetweeners episode 3 season 2 Will's Birthday French Exchange

Telesales ? – No chance, is prone to extreme exageration and overselling. Customer Service ? – Ouch! Collections – involves numbers.  So it has to be….. Correspondence.  He knows his way around a laptop – he’s found all sorts of interesting sites. Perhaps dealing with queries from briefcase owning, bus users would be his forte or maybe something to do with motorbikes.

There is a clear candidate for Call Centre Manager at any company these guys work for:

Okay! So maybe none of the Inbetweeners are the perfect Call Centre Agents. There are a lot of good candidates out there looking for roles in this growing industry and, as the Inbetweeners of today become the job seekers of tomorrow – in a tough market – competition is set to get fiercer.

Now might be the time to look at the excellent career opportunities on offer – the are a range of roles and industries to suit MOST personality types.

TALENT MATCH are specialists in Call Centre recruitment; so if you already have experience and are looking for a step up or seeking are your first call centre role, get in touch with us.