You are a young Premiership footballer – well you were actually relegated  last season, but you consider yourself to be premiership quality. You are unhappy at your current club, think you are better than the Championship but have two years left on a lucrative contract.  You could well be right!

You have been contacted by your Agent and he tells you that a resurgent Liverpool are interested in you.  Dream move? Any player in your position would move heaven and earth to make it happen – wouldn’t they?

As we all know, some footballers have become greedy, lazy and out of touch with the real world.  Our fleet footed friend, I’m afraid, is one such footballer.  He is presented with an opportunity to progress his career, with a legendary club –he tells his agent he wants even more money, that he has heard they are trained hard by the manager and that he can’t even be bothered to meet with the club’s representatives – all because he will have to work hard to make it into the team and he thinks they MIGHT not be able to meet his wage demands.This player looks doomed to dwell in the lower leagues for his entire career.

Are we – those that don’t have the sporting prowess of our sporting heroes – sometimes guilty of the same self defeating behaviour?

Why not explore every opportunity to the max! You may be in a job that you fear is going nowhere? Why let immediate financial gain,  different working hours and the need to train for a new role stand in your way.  Take a longer term view!

Our experience is that many candidates don’t. They just want immediate returns and an easy life. To return to our footballing analogy – Liverpool may not have come in for you, but one of the newly promoted clubs want you as a key player in their push to establish themselves in the top league – the salary is a little less than you are on currently, but the win bonuses are great and, if they stay in the Premiership, you earn big money.  There is also a great team spirit. If you perform you will be truly appreciated.

You have been given permission to speak to other clubs –  see what they have to say!  If ultimately you stay with the Championship side – so be it.  BUT make a choice based on facts – not hearsay, what might be or, worst of all, greed or laziness.

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