We all get nervous when faced with an upcoming job interview, especially when faced with an interview for a call centre which can often be during a recruitment day when several other candidates might be present.  However, if you follow our tips below and remember to be yourself, there is no reason why your interview won’t be successful, after all the interviewer is not there to try and catch you out – if you’ve been invited to this stage it means that you’re already half way there.

  1. Research the company/call centre thoroughly before hand, including the role you have specifically applied for – you’re very likely to be asked the question “what do you know about us?”
  2. Compose at least a couple of questions in relation to the role and company to ask at the interview – this will show you’re interested in their business and serious about your application.
  3. Plan your journey and leave in plenty of time to compensate for any traffic on the way.
  4. Re-read your CV to prepare yourself for any questions they may ask you, particularly if there are any gaps in your employment, or if you have moved to different jobs frequently.
  5. Make sure your clothing is clean and appropriate, the best option to wear to interview is always business attire, unless otherwise specified – it’s a cliché, but first impressions really are everything
  6. Introduce yourself with a confident, firm handshake and make a mental note of your interviewer’s name.
  7. Don’t fold your arms – bad body language will imply negativity or boredom.
  8. Be confident and cheerful, smile and engage in eye contact, remember interviews are not created to try and catch you out – quite the opposite in fact!
  9. Remember to thank your interviewer and say you’ve enjoyed the experience.
  10. Never speak negatively about any other company you have worked for, it will make you look inappropriate

With these tips in mind, you should be ready to ace your interview.  However, if for some reason things do not go to plan and you miss out on an opportunity, don’t worry, just remember all interviews are great experience so the next one should be even easier!

P.S. Don’t forget to be yourself!