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You probably won’t have come across a business billing itself as a “Specialist in Online, Call Centre Candidate Attraction and Selection” before – not least because it’s a bit wordy!

We know we’re asking you to come with us on a voyage of discovery into new territory, but we know the journey will be a smooth one and the final destination will offer a really rewarding experience.  Like most business that operate online, we’re also hugely cost effective  – but without doing everything

We started planning (and getting excited!) some 8 months ago,  but the adventure’s only really started in the last three weeks.  We’ve passed a number of key milestones (our first campaigns, placements and thank you cards dispatched),  and we’ve covered the miles both physically, mentally and  geographically.

As with any trip, it’s the people you meet along the way that make the journey worthwhile – and the clients, candidates and those who helped us to build  the business have definitely made the experience that much more exciting for us.

While it’s very much a case of noses to the grindstone for us now, the Talent Match team are hugely enjoying all that we’re doing – working with clients who have embarked on our journey with us and meeting new ones along the way.

We are spreading the word to ensure that fewer people have never heard of “Specialist in Online, Call Centre,  Candidate  Attraction & Selection” – so if you would like to know more,  or even come along on the journey with us, please get in touch.