So, months in preparation and the day finally comes….the Talent Match launch. By using the word “launch”, I visualise some sort of extravaganza –  lights and fireworks.

The reality was a little different; some Champers (well Cava in plastic cups), some sandwiches (delicious sandwiches, I might add), followed by a fancy mini pasty (by fancy I mean nice and, by mini, I mean I ate 4 – so I’m justifying it). Ok, so not the lights or fireworks (not even a party popper), but certainly a great day for us.

For the last few months, Talent Match has evolved from a fantastic idea into a budding new business, excelling even in its infancy. Three days in and we are already recruiting and placing the right people, into the right roles, at the right level, for the right price.  A flat fee that reduces with volume, you can’t argue with that.

We were born out of an idea to fill a void in the marketplace. There are high street agencies, specialist agencies and job boards out there – it seemed as if the market was covered – but that wasn’t the experience of the clients we spoke to.

As an online candidate attraction and selection business, Talent Match brings the best of all of these together in a single, simple package.  The best part? –  It works. If it doesn’t, you get a credit to use again straight away or anytime within the next 12 months.

We always knew this would work!  Contact centres are changing, as is recruitment – our specialist, online solution for frontline staff embraces that change. What we didn’t know was quite how quickly it would take off.  We’ve already made our first placements with several more candidates booked in for interview before the end of the week.

The response has been brilliant and it looks like some good times ahead. I wonder how soon my colleague will get annoyed with me saying “This time next year Rodney, we’ll be Millionaires”. Note to self; find colleague called Rodney.


Talent Match