It’s an almost constant concern among HR and management in the contact centre industry – how is it possible to improve retention and reduce attrition at agent level?

Attrition can really eat into your staffing costs, with the cost of hiring and training replacements meaning that it can cost you money just to remain “standing still” – so it’s important to keep your retention as high as possible.

So… Here’s a few tips on how to improve your agents’ job satisfaction, and to help you improve that all important retention level.

  • Employ the right people in the first place. Personality profiling and telephone screening by your recruitment agency or in-house team will weed out the wrong people, and make sure that the chosen few have the right attitude to stay in your contact centre, long-term.
  • Allow them to grow. Provide the opportunity for career and personal growth through training and education, challenges and more. You’ll get bonus points if you allow them to share this knowledge through training sessions, presentations, mentoring others and team assignments.
  • Understand their talents. People want to enjoy their work, so where possible, make work fun. Engage and employ the special talents of each individual.

In the run up to our launch, we’re running a competition for staff at agent level to showcase their talents on our Facebook page. If you are, or if you know, an agent with a secret talent, get in touch – we’re looking for the contact centre stars of the future!